Perkin-Elmer Victor 3V

Multilabel plate reader




VICTOR3 is a multilabel, multitask plate reader for all light-emitting and light-absorbing detection technologies including: fluorescence (top and bottom), luminescence, absorbance, UV absorbance, time-resolved fluorometry, and fluorescence polarization. VICTOR3 can operate as a stand-alone instrument or can integrate into a robotic system.

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Computer name: Janus / (why?)

Absorbance / Fluorescence excitation
* 405/20 nm
* 450/20 nm
* 490/15 nm
* 595/20 nm
* 485/25 nm
* 350/60 nm
* 480/40 nm
* 531/40 nm
(emission center / bandwidth)

Fluorescence emission
* 460 nm
* 510 nm
* 520 nm
* 535 nm
* 545 nm
* 572 nm
* 595 nm
* 615 nm
* 642 nm
* 665 nm



  • Continuous light source (cw) for fluorometric and photometric measurements: Tungsten-halogen lamp, 75 W, spectral range 340-800 nm. Changeable rotatable filter wheels, provided with 8 or 4 positions for 15 or 25.4 mm filters.
  • Flash light source for TR-fluorometric and UV absorbance measurements: UV Xenon flash tube 1500 V. Filter slide provided with three positions.

  • R 1527P photomultiplier tube: for fluorometry, luminometry and TR-fluorometry
  • Photo diode: for photometry

  • Turn on the computer and Victor (the power button is located on the back side).
  • Open the “Wallac 1420” software using the desktop icon"Wallac
  • Select a protocol from the list
  • Place the multi-well plate on the plate reader (right side compartment).
  • Click “start”
  • Acquisition will start
  • Clicking the “Live display” tab will display a heatmap of the data as it is acquired. The numeric range and scale type (linear/logarithmic) can be adjusted."Wallac live display
  • Results from the current and previous assays can be accessed through the menu: “Tools > Explorer”. Assays are named with a sequential number. The acquisition date/time is also shown."Wallac explorer
  • Data is shown in tabular and matrix (2D) format. Use “File > Save as” to save as plain text or Excel format."Wallac assay

Wallac 1420

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