COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant restrictions on research activities at Ciências, as defined by the Ciências-ULisboa COVID-19 Contingency Plan (most recent update: Despacho D/21/2020). These decisions from the Direction determine that access to the campus and research activities are and will continue to be very limited.

Until further notice all microscopy facility bookings will need to be confirmed by the instrument responsible (for each equipment). Please advise with the responsible when planning microscopy-related experiments, as not all experiments will be allowed. As per the contingency plan instrument access is restricted.

This information will be updated in due time in accordance with instructions from the Direction. Currently there is no calendar for restriction lifting.

FCUL Microscopy Facility (FCUL-MF) is a research and training infrastructure for microscopy and bioimaging. FCUL-MF is also a node of the Portuguese Platform for Bioimage.

FCUL-MF functions as a service provider and technical support hub on stereo, widefield fluorescenceconfocal and electron microscopy as well as high throughput microscopy. It also supports its users in image analysis and quantification techniques.