Usage Rules

Use of the microscopy equipment in the lab requires previous training which is offered either through the annual “micro workshops” or with training sessions with Hugo Botelho, Luís Marques, or Telmo Nunes. Once trained and “accredited”, researchers may progressively begin working independently. During training, users receive FCUL user login permission to access the Agendo resource calendar and schedule sessions. Electron microscopes and sample preparation for EM are under Telmo Nunes’ supervision and use of SEM is only done with assistance.

General rules for scheduling equipment:
– During “normal” hours (9:00-17:00) usage/user must not exceed 3h sessions and a maximum of 2 session/week/user. The two sessions should not be on the same day and should be scheduled 1 week in advance at most. Sessions not following these rules, and not authorized by Telmo Nunes may be deleted and time used by other users if requested.

– Outside the “normal” hours it is possible to schedule for longer periods, but be aware that that counts as one session as well.

– When the work justifies it, it is possible to use the equipment for longer periods or for more sessions, eg, for observation of fresh or live samples, however these should be planned in advance and be authorized by the lab managers.

– Scheduled sessions REALLY need to be used, otherwise the user is responsible for informing other users and making sure that time is used by someone else. For example, by calling Telmo Nunes (x22181) in advance and ask that the session be changed. This is a problem especially when equipment is overbooked (which incidentally is also when more no-show schedulings are observed!).


General rules for using the equipment:
– If you are not sure about the proper procedures for using the equipment start by exploring this website, or the instruction sheets at the desk close to each of the instruments. They contain instructions for turning “ON” and “OFF”, instrument characteristics, and in some cases useful tips for using the software.

– If you are still not sure please ask for assistance before proceeding.

– When starting a session make sure the equipment has been left in proper working conditions. If there is a problem please inform Luís Marques or Telmo Nunes immediately.

– Keep the bench space clean while using the equipment. There is a “wet” bench in the lab for preparing and handling samples.

– Keep light to a minimum in the lab. There is a dedicated desklamp next to each instrument.

– Do not install software in any of the computers.

– If you think the lenses have been soiled contact Telmo Nunes and ask that the lens be cleaned. Do not attempt to clean the lenses yourself unless you were trained and instructed by one of the lab managers before.

– Do  not insert portable disks or pen drives in the PCs attached to the instruments, to avoid computer viruses.

– Before the end of the session (or preferably, during!) transfer your files to the labs server and then transfer them to your media directly from the server. This way you will not use other users’ time for transferring files.

– Make sure you leave the microscope in proper working conditions for the next user. The same applies to the bench spaces.

– If no one is using the instrument after you, or 1-2h after you, follow the “turning OFF” procedures from the instruction sheets.

– Do not take ANY accessories or instruments from the lab without permission from the lab managers.

– Sign-up the usage sheet at the end of the session (for confocals),

The charges for using the equipment are currently being updated.

For mode details about the lab or general questions consult Telmo Nunes,