About us

The FCUL Microscopy Facility is a research and academic infrastructure focused mainly on microscopic bioimaging, located at the FCUL Campus in Campo Grande (Lisbon). FCULMF functions as a service provider and technical support hub for Research Units and teaching staff, as well as the rest of the scientific and student communities.


Its main areas of operation are:


1) Research: microscopy services for in-house, as well as external, Research Units
2) Academia: bioimaging tutoring and facilities for FCUL undergraduate classes
3) Outreach: guided tours and science communication events for high school visits
4) Mentoring: advanced courses and workshops on bioimaging for students and researchers


FCUL Microscopy is a multi user facility which encompasses 3 research sites:


C2 Building, room 2.1.15, harbouring a confocal microscope, widefield & fluorescence microscopes, fluorescence stereoscope, and scanning electron microscope. These equipments are under joint Animal and Plant Biology Departments supervision, and were acquired by BioISI and CE3C Research Units
C8 Building, room 8.1.79, harbouring a high-throughput imaging system, stereoscope, and a widefield & fluorescence microscope, under BioISI supervision
FCUL site at Rua da Escola Politécnica / Museu de História Natural, harbouring one scanning and one transmission electron microscopes, under DBV supervision.